Drinking Enough Water?

Drinking Enough Water?  Are your cells a Flowing River or a Stagnant Pond?


So recently I went and had some blood work done and was privy to seeing my cells up on a screen in front of me.  I’m fascinated by this sort of stuff.  Healthy cells are nicely rounded circles flowing freely around.  I had some of those….but most of mine weren’t moving or looked more like ovals just lazing about or taking a nap in a cluster.  That’s not good.

The lab technician explained it all to me quite well and I’d like to share what she said, cause it really made an impact on me.

You see our CELLS, if they are healthy, are like a FLOWING RIVER, with lots of movement.   My cells were more like a POND that has no flowing water.  Ponds are stagnant, often look dirty with algae.

Here’s the thing… I have always struggled with drinking enough water and I’ve always known the benefits to drinking water and that I should drink more… yet after this test, I was told I have a TON of water in my system.   The stagnant old water kind!  My doctor said I needed to constantly stay hydrated in order to flush new water into my system which will force the old, blah, yucky water out!  Once my body realizes it’s getting FRESH water on a consistent basis, it will release a TON of water, hence weight loss will occur and my internal systems will rejoice! 🙂  Having this old water remain in my system is one component that disease and illness loves (I don’t want that!)

So I have a mental picture in my head of a yucky pond with a ton of algae and I don’t want that in my body!  Instead, I want the fresh, clean, sparkling kind of water to flow through me!  I want happy, healthy cells having a good time, fun party in my body!  🙂

I eat 90% of the time very healthy food and I exercise daily.  But since I’ve embraced drinking more water (much more than I was), I’m already feeling the benefits.  More energy, better digestion, and I’m starting to see movement on the scale, in the right direction.  Wahoo!  🙂  Another blog post will be up shortly on how I’m now drinking enough water throughout my day.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post.   If you found this helpful, please leave me a comment below. Now go drink some water! 😉

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